Maintaining Creativity in your Business Plan

One of the myths of business planning is that it’s restrictive. Many leaders believe that writing down specific goals and initiatives will stifle creativity in their organization. 

At Govdollars, we think it’s the opposite. Creativity is an inherent and important piece of any well thought out and executed business plan. 

Let’s say your goal is to issue a Transportation Bond by the end of 2021 and one of your initiatives is to prioritize new road projects by June 2021. 

In this example, the goal is very broad and the initiative is much more specific. You could then break the initiative down every further and discuss how you will accomplish prioritizing new road projects for the 2021 Transportation Bond. Action steps for this initiative may include (1) Soliciting public opinion, (2) Evaluating high traffic areas in your city/town and (3) Working with the state’s Transportation Department to understand their future highway projects. These action steps should always be flexible though and the goal should be to focus on achieving the ultimate outcome, or the original initiative. 

The initiative needs to be specific in terms of timeline and the ultimate outcome. The initiative does not need to discuss how to prioritize the new road projects, what steps are involved in prioritizing new projects, or who to contact to accomplish this initiative. These specifics should be up to the employee or team assigned to the project, thus allowing the professionals in your organization the creativity and flexibility to accomplish the ultimate outcome. 

And this is where the creativity, and really the fun of working in an organization begins! Now that your team knows the leaderships’ expected outcome of prioritizing new road projects by June 2021, they can move forward knowing everyone is on the same page. 

Now, we’re not suggesting you don’t follow up with your employees the entire year and expect them to have accomplished the initiative and expected outcome. 

Our recommendation is to work with your employees and check-in on a regular basis. Let them know when the check-in period will be, so they can expect it and work towards specific milestones by that time. 

How often you check-in depends on the importance of the project and your employee, but at GovDollars we recommend establishing at least quarterly check-ins for all of your initiatives. And of course, we recommend you tie these initiatives to the employees’ annual goals for increased accountability.

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