GovDollars Consulting

Leah Patrick, Owner and CEO

Hello! I’m Leah Patrick, Owner and CEO of GovDollars Consulting.

For the past ten years, I’ve spent my professional career working in and with local governments on business and strategic plans, operating and capital budgets, and performance management efforts. By literally doing the job myself, I’ve recognized the true vitality of the work local government professionals are responsible for and the unique challenges faced in the public sector.

I’ve also seen how difficult it can be to prioritize and focus. But the practice of prioritization and focus are key to achieving the important. Without a detailed plan, the important is never accomplished. Moreover, without the appropriate budget and staff assigned to important projects, we end up spending our time on daily tasks that may be important in the moment, but will not necessarily move the organization forward.

At GovDollars, we’re here to help. Contact us today and we’ll work with you to get your organization back on track. We provide support for:

  • Business Plan Development
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Performance Management
  • Operating Budget Development
  • Capital Improvement Plan Development
  • Employee Goal Setting

We look forward to connecting with you!

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