Maintaining Creativity in your Business Plan

One of the myths of business planning is that it’s restrictive. Many leaders believe that writing down specific goals and initiatives will stifle creativity in their organization.  At Govdollars, we think it’s the opposite. Creativity is an inherent and important piece of any well thought out and executed business plan.  Let’s say your goal isContinue reading “Maintaining Creativity in your Business Plan”

Setting and Accomplishing Big Goals

We all want to feel accomplished, right? We want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and blow our own minds with what we can accomplish.  Setting big goals is an important step towards accomplishing big things.  Too often, organizations make small goals because they’re afraid a big goal won’t be attainable orContinue reading “Setting and Accomplishing Big Goals”

The #1 Reason Business Plans Fail

Creating a business plan sounds simple enough. All you need are the right people around the table, the development of a few goals for a 1-3 years timeframe, and a layout of your plan for accomplishing said goals. Right? Wrong.  Yes, you need to create goals and yes it certainly helps to have the “rightContinue reading “The #1 Reason Business Plans Fail”